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Introducing Live
Streaming Magic

Effi streamlines the creation of interactive live streams and unlocks endless possibilities for connecting with your audience across social media.
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3D microphone
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Simplified Live Streaming

Go live from your browser or streaming software
Simulcast to major social media platforms
User-friendly & intuitive interface
No design skills needed. Use our templates and layouts to look pro

Ignite Engagement

Unified chat across all platforms
Real-time audience feedback
Audience-triggered reactions
Physical & digital immersion
Polls, trivia, meters & more

Cutting-Edge Insights

Cross-platform analytics & segmentation
Sentiment analysis
Structured and unstructured data
Actionable insights to improve your content, make business decisions and learn from your audience

Grow Your Reach

Simulcasting empowers users to extend their reach to various social media platforms, broadening their audience and maximizing exposure. Unlike other services that offer interactivity on micro-sites, Effi wants you to leverage the social reach you’ve been investing in and growing all this time.

Data-Driven Insights

Effi provides unparalleled analytics. Use our interactive elements to engage your audience and see how different audiences respond to the same prompts.Let’s take a look at all conversations during your livestream and learn more about your audience. Figure out their preferences, sentiment and other insights by leveraging our sophisticated AI models.

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